“A Matter of Light, The Art of Andre Pater”


 A Matter of Light, The Art of Andre Pater, includes over 200 selected paintings and drawings with a foreward by the Duke of Devonshire of Chatsworth House, England, an art essay by Lorian Peralto-Ramos, and is interwoven with conversational pieces by contributors including former President of Keeneland, James E. Bassett, Ambassador William Farish, and others who add their voices and colorful memories to paint an intimate portrait of Pater's life and journey as an artist. Paters admiration for the power and beauty of the horse began his career as an equine artist more than forty years ago. He is able to translate his vision to the canvas with technical skills of form, line, movement, color and light that are unparalleled. His curiosity to explore new subjects with passion and a fresh eye keeps his work at the forefront. While he travels the country and world for his work, Polish-American Pater resides on a farm in the heart of the Bluegrass in Lexington, Kentucky.

This stunning 240-page coffee table hardback art book presented in eleven visually powerful chapters, shines light on the artistic periods of Andre Pater, and how his style and technique evolved through a gamut of subjects from equestrian, historical and genre paintings to his recent Native American portrayals.

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